Tour du Blog, my travel blog since 2005!

Tour du Blog is my travel blog and has been started in 2005 while I was living in Bulgaria. I've been sharing my travels' experiences on this website since then, especially our South East Asia and Australia tour started in September 2011 with my girlfriend.

Some of my pictures


Portrait is the most complex domain in photography. In one hand, it requires to control perfectly different technics like flashes, and in the other hand it needs to have artistic and interpersonal skills.


Macrophotography and proxyphotography are really specific. They require to work with a few light while keeping a quick exposure time in order to freeze little animals' movements.


Panoramic is my favorite photography domain. It really adds a spectacular aspect to pictures and reinforces the landscapes' magnificence. Panoramics particularly fits in Australia's territory wideness.


Landscapes photography is of course the most classical kind of travel pictures. However, it's not so easy to pay tribute to magnificent sceneries we can see.


I enjoy bringing out night colors, when light is low and calm spreaded around. Night pictures are often spectacular!